Bappi da!! We are Sorry...

How can it be???
No website on the most versatile music director of all times??
This is seriously a shame for the lovers of good music..

This website of mine is a tribute to all the great songs this legendary music director called Bappi Lahiri (our very own Bappi da) has given to the world.

I will try to add new songs each week which can be downloaded free of cost and which will be a feather from Bappi da's hat.

Our aim is to promote the forgotten musical gems of Bappi da.

For the anpadhs of good music, let me tell you something about Bappi da:

A composer who came of age in the 1970s and early '80s, Bappi Lahiri got his start composing for Bengali films before he made the move to Bollywood. A precocious singer and musician, Lahiri's parents were both singers and he actually wrote his first film song at the age of 14. Despite charges of crass commercialism and catering to the lowest common denominator, Lahiri has always been known for his bright compositional style and uninhibited borrowing (some would say plagiarism) from other songs. He will forever be aligned with the disco era, thanks to his 1984 soundtrack for the film Disco Dancer.

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